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How to Get There

Flights booked through the Internet are now the easiest way to travel to Geneva, Switzerland. The earlier you book the cheaper the flight. Booking your own flight gives you a choice of airports throughout the UK and Europe. Peak Ski can advise you on transfers to Verbier, or you can travel to the resort by train/bus on the excellent integral Swiss travel system. Alternatively, car hire from the airport is available and can be booked on-line.
Scheduled Flights
Flights can now be booked from many of the smaller airports throughout the UK to Geneva. We have listed some of the most popular sites.
Swiss International Air Lines, British Airways and Snowjet  fly to Sion, where the bus meets the plane and brings you direct to Verbier. Transfer time 55 minutes. Bus tickets must be purchased when flights booked.
Charter Flights
You can obtain flights from Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, East Midlands, and a number of other airports from  and they both offer charter and schedule flights.
 All details of prices and times can be found and booked on-line.
Resort Transfer
Peak Ski can recommend the following companies for shuttle and private transfers from Geneva to Verbier by  minibus/coaches, and private transfers for groups 8 to 12 with  They will require the following information, group number, flight details, arrival and departure times and if it is a Schedule or Charter flight and the address of your chalet. Due to pressure of work on Saturdays, early booking is essential especially for peak periods. Transfer time 1 hour 50 mins.
Families can travel more cheaply on a concessionary Swiss Travel Card. This includes the mainline train directly from Geneva Airport (150m from arrivals) to Martigny, the St Bernard Express from Martigny to Le Chable and the bus to Verbier, all seamlessly linked. Check on the timetable on - You can take the Brig/Sion train to Martigny, approx 1 1/2 hours.
To complete this journey you require to book early flights. For later flights you will require to take a taxi from Martigny to Verbier. Transfer time 2 ¾ hours
Alternatively you can rent a car or people carrier from the airport (there are sometimes queues) Travel time along the motorway via Martigny is just under 2 hours.
(NB. Conditions of the relevant transport companies prevail and these can be made available on request to the company).
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